How does DSPC Advisors package their services?

We work with clients to understand their privacy and cybersecurity needs, priorities and goals and then make a proposal of deliverables to the client.  Given how individualized businesses are, each proposal is company specific.  

What if my company has not really established a data program?

You’re not alone – we work with clients who are starting from scratch.  It takes time to build an effective data program and we can help you stage and develop a program to be implemented over time. 

We have a good handle on both privacy and cybersecurity issues, just need help documenting everything. Can you help with that?

Absolutely.  This is another common question from potential clients.  Whether it is your cookie consent practices on your website or your permissions for specific AWS S3 buckets, it has to be documented in a user friendly way.   

What if our company needs help in just one area, not both privacy and cybersecurity?

We help companies in the areas they need – often companies have more legal resources than in house security personnel, for example.  This is another reason tailor made proposals seem to work the best for our clients.